A downloadable ScreenPlay Game for Windows

Uncover a snowy village to create a path for various characters to move around to and reveal some hidden secrets along the way!

SnowScape was designed to work with the ScreenPlay system set up at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for children of various levels of accessibility needs.  1-100 Players can interact with the 10ft. x 10ft. tile mat to gradually melt snow for characters and other secrets to be uncovered!

More information on ScreenPlay.

The game was developed in under a week's time with a fantastic 5-person team!


Tomas Garcia: Programming, Game Design

Dylan Carew: Programming, Game Design, Videography

Connor Gilhuly: Animation, Lighting Systems, Particle Systems 

Sanaa Memon: 3D Modelling, Visual Design, Logo Design

Nikki Arezza: Level Design, 3D Modelling, Vocal Narration

Install instructions

The zip contains two executable files:

  • The window's simulation of ScreenPlay 
  • The game itself

You will need to use the ScreenPlay simulation in order to play the game and it's recommended that you open the ScreenPlay exceutable in windowed view. 


SnowScape 24 MB

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