Try to satisfy your ever-growing hunger by  sucking blood.  Just be careful not to get too far past a point on the person's arm or you'll scare them away.  If you get closer to the middle of the arm without scaring away the human you will have bigger amounts of blood to suck, and less so as you get farther from the middle section.


  • Repeatedly press "D" to move the lips towards the arm
  • Once you feel like you've hit the right distance press and hold the Space Bar to engage in the blood sucking mode.  
  • To suck blood press "A" 


A game made in a week for #protober but instead of making a prototype a day I want to make one a week. The theme for this week was Fangs so I wanted to make a game that captured the act of biting/sucking blood as opposed to the entire concept of vampires.  

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