A downloadable Alt Controller Game for Windows

Enjoy this competitive local-multiplayer game where one player is in charge of causing a fruit frenzy for the other player to manage.  Don't worry, both players need to do either job before the winner is determined.  

Sweet Tip: Get some fruity catching combos to maximise your earned points.

This juicy game was made specifically for use with our custom fruity controllers.  And yes, they are truly made of real fruit, thanks to the use of a Makey-Makey kit! (Take a peek at our game trailer to get an idea of how it works) .  Our talented team of 6 crafted this sublime experience in under 5 days as an alt controller design challenge. 

The Team

Install instructions

The game was designed with alternate controller intentions therefore the user experience will differ.


FruitPawnch_playable.zip 19 MB

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