• Mouse-Only: Use the mouse to click the button on the left during the waxing moon phase to spawn stars into the sky.  
  • You are able to manipulate the stars by clicking and dragging them to various locations to create your constellation. You will not be able to edit it after the waxing moon phase has passed.


New Moon (Get Stars)

You will recieve an amount of stars! You receive more more stars the next time you hit the new moon but will be capped at 24 stars added/new moon.

Waxing Moon (Form Stars)

You can spawn as many stars as you have available to click and drag them to whatever location you desire.  You can also choose to save stars for the next full rotation. 

Full Moon (Constellations)

Constellation lines will be drawn to each point of your star formation.  You will no longer be able to edit your constellation from now on.

Waning Moon (Watch your Constellation Float Away)

Your constellation will now float off into space. 


Enjoy a relaxing and atmospheric constellation simulation where you can create constellations to be sent off into space according to the moon phases!

This is my project for Week 2 of #protober.  The theme for this week was Full Moon but decided to go with all of the moon phases instead.  

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoy.

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